Conditions of Warranty

In Novodos we know that by law all new furniture has a warranty of two years but when you activate your code we give two years plus extras.

The warranty period starts from the invoice date and only applies to products that have a domestic use and are fully paid for.

This warranty is personal an nontransferable of the natural person whose name has been issued the invoice and who has registered his data in the form of registration of warranty.

To obtain proper assistance, possible claims are made though the establishment of purchase where you purchased the product and it would be necessary to provide some sample of the damaged part. If it is impossible to contact them because the shop is closed, you can contact us directly by writing to the following address

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The warranty covers the repair or replacement of parts that may be defective and can be justified. If, at the time of repair the materials are available for replacement, the factory undertakes to carry out the repair using materials of equivalent quality and value.

The new products replaced by the damaged ones will only have warranty of two years (date invoice repair) as it indicates the law.

  • UPHOLSTERY 1 y 2: two year warranty
  • UPHOLSTERY 3, 4 y 5: four year warranty
  • WOODEN CASING: lifetime warranty
  • MECHANISM: four year warranty
  • FILLINGS: four year warranty


According to Royal Legislative Decrees 1/2007 of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, the following situations aren’t considered as “non-conformity of goods” and therefore don’t give right to the provisions of warranty:

  • Any deterioration as a result of improper use and manipulations by the customer (disassembly, motor, mechanisms, movements in the home..)



  • The manufacturer doesn’t recommend in any case to cover the sofa with other fabrics, since the can migrate different fibers that could damage the fabric of the sofa.
  • Burns, cuts, scratches and marks caused by the customer or a third party
  • Wear and tear of daily use such as the crushing of chenille and upholstery containing viscose, which is a typical feature of this type of yarn.
  • Damage caused by an erroneous cleaning process, such as any substance not recommended by the fabric manufacturer.
  • Deterioration of upholstery or colour due to exposure to heat sources. All well as changes in color by it’s usual use, dirt, dust or the passage of time.


  • Variations in texture, stretching wrinkles or small scars or color variation in the skin. These are considered natural characteristics of the skin, they prove its authenticity.
  • Damage caused by corrosive materials (acids, acetone or solvents) dyes, pain...


  • Seat and backrest fillers are made of soft materials and can modify their width and hegt during use. A loss of 10% of density is considered normal. Thus, some variety can be noticed in the height of the seats and backrests and that in it there is a mark where it has sat for several hours.
  • The settlement of the materials can cause small ripples in the seating and backrest are as. This phenomenon is normal as it doesn’t alter the characteristics of the product or its comfort at all.
  • Damage caused by pets such as bites and tears, as well as insects or others inside the foam.
  • Natural wear and tear
  • Deformations for improper use (can be at the beginning of the new sofa, it can be firmer and with use it takes a more comfortable sitting, so it’s recommended to use all the seats equally so that no difference can be found between them)



  • Misuse
  • When it hasn’t been a defect of materials and manufacturing


  • It doesn’t include the collection of the parts or replacement of the same to the domicile of the final customer.
  • Improper handling such as pre-repairs at centers not authorized by NOVODOS.