NOVODOS family business founded in 1995 and led by Manuel Jose Huertas, manager, administrator, designer and technician with 20 years experience

NOVODOS is distinguished by its creativity, for his designs, the attention to detail and the choice of materials.

Currently, assistance to customers and the entire sales network is managed from the headquarters of the company.

These processes offer excellent quality levels.

The quality of the sofas NOVODOS is a challenge and an obligation to our production department consists of a great human highly qualified team with years of experience.

The NOVODOS brand offers a modern-contemporary style with superior quality and unsurpassed comfort at an affordable price.


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(+34) 937 292 850
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Where we are

C/ Altimira Talleres, 14 P.I. Santiga, industrial units: 3 and 4
08210 Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona
Catalonia, Spain